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Fishery owner James Peacock holding a 103lb Giant Mekong Catfish caught on a fishing expedition in Thailand

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Fishing magazine articles - by James Peacock

I have shared my experiences by writing about some of my fishing trips abroad in fishing magazines, I hope you enjoy reading them. For anyone interested, contact and website details for fishing trips are shown at the end of the articles:

Albino Wels Catfish caught in Germany from Schnackensee Lake in Bavaria

The 3 Albino's / Return to Bavaria
by James Peacock

(1999 Germany)

One of the best things that I have done in fishing was to join the Catfish Conservation Group. I went to the fishing show at the NEC in Birmingham and met some of the members on their C.C.G stand. Coming from Bristol I did not have any catfish in any of our local waters so I knew that I would have to be prepared to travel a fair journey to get to fish for them...

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Goonch Catfish caught from the Ramganga River within the Corbett National Park in India

Whiskers Article - A Goonch
by James Peacock

(2005 India)

It all started near the end of a fishing trip as do most of mine, planning one trip before the other is over. Graham Lawrence and I were in the Amazon on a trip ran by Arnout Terlouw, he also had 5 other Dutch friends and one German lad fishing with him. We had been fishing lake Tucurui for Catfish, Rays, Peacock Bass and a few other species when Arnout suggested going upstream on the River Tocantins which flows through the lake. I was straight up for going for more Catfish but some of the group including Graham wanted to stay for more Peacock Bass fishing, so it was agreed that the group was to split...

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Giant Mekong Catfish caught at Bung Sam Lan in Bangkok Thailand

Catfishing in Asia
by James Peacock

(2009 Thailand)

Over the past twelve years I have been fishing for various species of catfish from around the world. There has been one catfish from Asia that I had never caught before and I was very keen to learn more about this extremely unique species. This fish has had many globetrotting anglers from all over the world talking about it, most of the fishermen I have met claim that this is the hardest fighting freshwater fish on the planet...

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“Really enjoyed my first ever...
...session at Azat-Chatenet. Right from the off James couldn't have been more helpful. January 27th two mid twenties in 48 hours was very satisfying... especially in the colder conditions. My first fish was a 25lb white Koi which is a personal best, then my second fish was a 27lb mirror carp. Both fish largely due to James' excellent knowledge of his water and his stock. Both fish in immaculate condition and fought very well. Looking forward to the return visit in February.”
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With a lifelong interest in fishing, Etang de Azat-Chatenet fishery was set up in 2004 after moving from England to this wonderfully peaceful fishing lake with accommodation in the Creuse area of France. Read more about owner James Peacock...