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Carp fishing lake in France stocked with large mirror carp

Carp fishing in France...

catch a personal best, lake record or enjoy a new fishing experience!

Carp fishing in Creuse - France

Etang de Azat-Chatenet fishing lake in France is stocked with an excellent head of large specimen carp in pristine condition. Fishing here can be a very exciting experience not knowing which species of fish will bite next or if your next catch will be a personal best or lake record. The fish are very hard fighting, with no safe havens for them to hide and no closed off sections of the lake. There are 9 swims on the lake with a maximum number of 5 anglers permitted, all of the water can be fished to from the swims and every bank is accessible with a path all of the way around the lake. Two rowing boats are available for anglers to share. You will be safe on a secure site with English staff on hand to help if you have any problems.

The stock consists of mainly Mirror Carp with an average fish being 28lb to 34lb. In February 2020 we stocked 4 mandarin catfish, estimated weights from about 20lb to 30lb+.

Lake swim map and grounds

The lake and grounds are well maintained throughout the year, you can view a swim map and read about the lake and it's history in the village. Read more...

On site bait and tackle shop

There is a small shop on site where bait and terminal tackle can be purchased. Fishing tackle can be hired including bedchairs and bivvies. Rods and reels for carp and cat fishing are also available.

Baits available on site

Tackle available on site

Mirror carp France image gallery Etang de Azat-Chatenet

Mirror Carp

Grass carp France image gallery Etang de Azat-Chatenet

Grass Carp

Koi carp France image gallery Etang de Azat-Chatenet

Koi Carp

Common carp France image gallery Etang de Azat-Chatenet

Common Carp

Catfish France image gallery Etang de Azat-Chatenet



“Great place to relax...
...and get a bend in the rods. Excellent head of fish all in pristine condition. Great venue, James is extremely helpful and always keen to see you catch.”
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We have various French fishing packages. Weekly bookings include: mixed fishing groups, exclusive fishing groups and exclusive venue with holiday cottage.

For families or couples wanting to combine a holiday in France with fishing for one angler we have a holiday cottage rental package with fishing for one angler.

Plus holiday cottage rental without fishing, available throughout the year.