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Tranquil and private carp fishing lake Etang de Azat-Chatenet Creuse France

Tranquil & private fishing lake...

stocked with large specimen fish in pristine condition

Carp fishing lake in Creuse - France

Set amongst stunning French countryside this tranquil and private lake stocked with large carp is a lovely place to relax while fishing and enjoy the birdsong and wildlife.

Over 4.5 acre's the lake has 9 swims and an island full of trees and reeds, around the margins there are trees and reeds with flat grass banks. Natural springs feed the lake, in total there are 4 with 2 being constant all year round, the main source coming in by the bridge. These continually fill the lake with fresh water keeping the lake flowing and healthy. Around the margins the depths are about 2 feet, gradually deepening to an average of around 3 to 4 feet. It is quite a uniformed lake bed that bowls off deeper towards the middle. Towards the dam wall it reaches a depth of around 7 feet.

There is also a source on the island which has a little pond with stones around the edge where the ladies of the village used to wash their clothes. I have heard stories that this pond on the island used to be a hot spring and in winter there would be steam coming off it.

Swim map of Etang de Azat-Chatenet fishing lake in France

Lake maintenance

The lake is well managed and I am always on site looking after the venue. A few times a year I wade around the margins picking up any branches that may be laying on the lake bed and removing tree roots and overhanging branches that are laying on the water.

In October 2005 I drained the lake down and took out all the trees that had fallen in and cut back all the tree roots to make it as snag free as possible. I also removed sharp rocks to prevent the fish from damaging themselves. As the water level was dropping I could see bloodworm beds from the margins to about 7 metres out. The lake bottom is made up of a clean course granite sand, blue clay around some margins, silt in some areas mainly the middle and deeper area and a spongy peat substance near the bridge which is also full of bloodworm. There are many tiny craters on the lake bottom that the carp have formed while feeding. Also there are small beds of watercress around some of the margins.

Tranquil fishing lake Etang de Azat-Chatenet Creuse France
Fishing rod at swim 7 Etang de Azat-Chatenet lake in France
View towards island at Etang de Azat-Chatenet carp fishing lake in France
Fishing rod at swim 6 Etang de Azat-Chatenet lake in France
View from the outlet overflow at Etang de Azat-Chatenet fishing lake in France
Fishing rod at swim 5 Etang de Azat-Chatenet lake in France


“What an amazing lake James has...
...the lake is fizzing with action and I caught my new PB. James is also a top guy and really knows his stuff!! Cannot wait to fish the lake again and continue catching the monsters it holds.”
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